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Want Assist recreating this impact

Got here Throughout this form of Mesh Based mostly Duo Path impact i’m stil a begginer and was pondering how i can obtain the same impact to this ?

That appears like two totally different objects which might be every spawning particles behind them at a set price as they transfer. Just about one particle system used twice

How is it following the trail like that’s {that a} utilizing a curve ? and the way is the glow achieved is {that a} level gentle that’s grouped with the particle ?

The wales are most definitely separate objects which might be rotating across the character, and every wale has the “path” particle system hooked up.

The glow is simply from an emissive materials that’s faking it being lit.

The particle system is simply spawning 1 of the round particles each X seconds, or X models of distance the wale travels whereas it rotates (Unreal has a particle module known as Spawn Per Unit that spawns a particle based mostly on distance as an alternative of time, I’m positive Unity has one thing like that too). There isn’t any velocity or acceleration on the particles, so every blue disc is spawning in place, with one other spawning proper after the subsequent. Consider it like inserting a path of bread crumbs when you flip in a circle. You flip a bit bit, set down a bread crumb, you flip a bit bit extra, set down one other bread crumb, and so on. That’s principally what the particle system is doing because the wale object it’s hooked up to is shifting



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