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3d printer setting – 3D Printing

Hello all.

I’ve designed this and 3d printed it.
However the upright half is sitting on prime of the bottom and so is a really weak joint.
How do I design the mannequin in order that the printer begins printing the up rights inside the bottom for a stronger repair.

It’s so darkish it’s exhausting to see what you’ve bought happening. It could assist in case you share the .skp file. I think this isn’t actually a SketchUp factor anyway. SketchUp doesn’t management the way in which the printer provides options. Perhaps it’s essential to rotate the half for printing.

Appears like an attention-grabbing design downside however, as @DaveR talked about, your image makes it unattainable to inform what is occurring.

Ought to the factor be modelled in two components, the bottom with holes and the upright with pegs that slot in?

3D printing is inherently weak in areas like this. It is just as robust because the adhesion between the smallest of layers. Whilst a stable block this joint can be weak. A gap and pin would possibly work a bit higher as it could print some wall thickness to create each components, however nonetheless as weak because the weakest layer within the pin. Altering the print course so the layers don’t run horizontally via the joint would assist, however could also be unattainable for the form.
Personally I might both utterly redesign the factor, however not having the ability to see it correctly limits the suggests there, or print it as two components each with a corresponding gap and insert a wood dowel or different acceptable strengthener.

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Boat Stand.skp (2.5 MB)

HI guys,
Sorry about delay in replying. Been busy, Thanks for replying.

Im no professional on Sketch up, however love utilizing it to make issues for my fashions. Im not printing the signal similtaneously remainder of the stand, so please ignore that.

The problem I`m having is the two upright bits. They’re quite fragile as they’re solely sitting on prime of the bottom unit. I believed I’ve seen within the coaching movies, previously, on right here the place you possibly can mould 2 components collectively to get a powerful repair.
I’ve drag down the bottom of the uprights, in order that they’re inside base unit. However when printing it doesn’t appear to be like its printing as a stable object.
Actually exhausting to defined. Sorry
Anssi the half was design to be 2 components to begin with, however I believed I might get a greater repair if it was one peace. Might make it two components no downside however wish to be taught if I may make a powerful be a part of utilizing sketchup.
If I used to be to make the components inside the bottom unit a distinct form would that make the 3d print begin printing inside the bottom unit?
If all else fails then I’ll make then as 2 components and use dowels to place in collectively.
Thanks once more for replying. :slightly_smiling_face:



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