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A number of overlapping faces being created – Professional

For the previous couple of iterations (~2020 to 2022) it looks like fashions of a sure complexity begin creating a number of overlapping faces when the face is edited (i.e. bisecting the face with a brand new edge and so forth)

Just a few of my workers have this subject and we find yourself deleting lots of additional faces… typically 3 or 4 layers of faces inside the identical perimeter.

Anybody else experiencing this?

I haven’t seen that in any off my fashions. Will one thing like CleanUp3 clear up these extra faces?

I haven’t used that, so I’m unsure. Until it does it on the fly it in all probability wouldn’t be tremendous useful.
I discover I’ve to delete a number of faces to color the underlying face.

You may run it from a keyboard shortcut.

I suppose you gained’t strive it, although.

I’m comfortable to strive it. There have been some actually useful workarounds on this discussion board.

I’ve had that subject however not so frequent, you may strive strong inspector, cleanup3 or fix101 plug-ins to appropriate these errors sooner.

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I’ve been having the identical subject. Usually hidden strains are created the place the faces are cut up that don’t erase with the face. The stray hidden faces are engaging to the inferencing which compounds the frustration.

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I’d have an interest to see pattern information the place that is occurring.

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I’m afraid your description doesn’t make sence with out an instance.
My solely expertise with bizarre faces is: max three faces per perimeter earlier than manipulating one vertex of that perimeter.


  • draw a flat form to create a face
  • drag one vertex throughout any reverse edge to get three faces as you’d anticipate.
  • all three faces appear to nonetheless be one. In truth the center one doesn’t have a correct face however nonetheless lets you choose suddenly.

I’m curious what instance you’ve got and am with @Field, add a mannequin with the issue.

That appears to me like an instance of the “bow tie” bug that has been in SketchUp since eternally. I’ve no clue why it has not been fastened way back or an evidence given of why it’s unavoidable. If the OP shares a file, I understand how to probe to confirm it’s this bug.

I’ll attempt to document a video exhibiting the issue. It’s a problem with an current face.

If I bisect the face with a brand new line, or if I draw alongside the identical edge as the present face, it creates a number of faces which might be coplanar.

I’m going to attempt to clear up ext., as I’ve a hunch that it has to do with outdated, hidden geometry

This makes me surprise… Are you utilizing tags appropriately? That’s, are you leaving all edges and faces untagged and solely giving tags to things within the mannequin?

It’s. The order of vertices is manipulated, making SketchUp surprise what to do with “breaking edges” on the intersections of crossing edges.

That may often be the very first thing I might search for, so I’m pretty certain the faces and edges are all tagged the identical, and there are not any ghost edges.

Right here’s an instance of a number of faces being created inside an current object. I ran the CleanUp extension, put all the perimeters and faces on the identical layer, and nonetheless had the issue.



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