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Battle Principal Yuumi fan made

I attempted to make a fan paintings of the Q capability of the LoL Battle Principal Yuumi pores and skin, though it might be incomplete, it was satisfying to do. I’m open to your questions and critiques. Thanks!


did you utilize the follow-path technique for this?

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I used the spline editor in Unity.
You need to use the spline editor to edit and create the specified comply with path.
Unity package deal from git url: com.unity.splines@2.2

thanks in order that I can use this in VFX Graph am I proper?

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Sure, you need to use it, however create an empty sport object and provides it a spline part. Additionally, guarantee that the mum or dad of the impact is the empty object. (Observe: I used a particle system within the impact.)

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Okay, thanks. I wished to ask you one thing extra might I ?

Positive, I’ll be completely satisfied to assist.

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thanks so right here is my submit The way to rotate form in similar angel like comply with path should you see this you’ll below stand. I must make the form comply with such as you in 360 in VFX Graph however it’s not working. should you can assist me with that ought to be nice .

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First, create a spline with a circle within the Hierarchy (it is advisable have the spline editor package deal put in).

Then, create an empty object within the Hierarchy and add the Spline Animate part from the Add Part menu.

Place your impact contained in the empty object.
image (2)
Drag and drop the circle spline that we created onto the ‘Spline’ part of the empty object.

Don’t overlook you can alter the scale of the circle spline as desired from right here.

Our circle space.
And Last:
I hope I’ve understood your request appropriately and that this helps you.


okay, thanks, Let me do that I hope Its works with VFX Graph. I’m caught from 21 days

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