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Cannot get Curviloft to work – Professional

That is additionally taking place in a model new (empty) file, as I discussed in my remark. Some other concepts?

So I’ve found out the issue.

In my case, and it appears the others on this thread, if you’re attempting to do a easy loft of two offset curves, for say a brick edge that you just want to then paint a brick texture that follows alongside the curve, you’ll want to execute the Loft by Spline command. It is going to (most certainly) default to the one of many “Bezier Curves Backbone Technique” which ought to produce the end result you’re in search of.

Nonetheless, if in that command, when attempting to loft two offset curves, you alter the Spline Technique to say “Junction by Orthogonal Bezier Curves” it’s going to reduce the menu for Curviloft and prohibit you from doing something with lofting offset (and sure different) curves with the Loft by Spline methodology (no less than in my experiments).

The way in which I used to be capable of get round this was to attract two straight traces and execute Loft by Spline, which can then carry up the complete Curviloft menu. The “Junction by Orthogonal Bezier Curves” will nonetheless be energetic and apparently works on straight traces and sure different curves, however not offset curves. You’ll be able to then change the mode again to “Bezier Curves Backbone Technique” (both one) and from then on you must have the ability to loft the offset curves.

Perhaps that is a part of some consumer coaching/documentation I haven’t learn, but it surely looks like a bug?

Hopefully this helps another person.



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