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CNHL 4S 2000mAh & 6S 1500mAh: Lengthy-range FPV LIPOs

CNHL 4S 2000mAh and 6S 1500mAh LIPO batteries

For long-range FPV flights, you have to a lot greater capability batteries than for freestyling and racing. Generally, 5″ LR FPV drones run on 4S or 6S batteries. You have to select the appropriate battery in response to your motor’s KV scores. For instance, the CNHL 4S 2000mAh is a wonderful possibility for 2000-3000KV, and the CNHL 6S 1500mAh for 1600-1900kV. The capability of a LiPo battery, measured in mAh (milliampere-hour), signifies how a lot present you may draw from the pack repeatedly for an hour till it’s empty. Larger capability batteries can dramatically cut back flight efficiency as a result of elevated take-off weight. One other difficulty with utilizing large LIPO packs is the house they want on high of your drones.

The first distinction between the CNHL Black 4S and 6S LiPo batteries is their voltage. The 4S pack consists of 4 3.7V cells linked in sequence, offering a nominal voltage of round 14.8 volts (16.8v absolutely charged). The 6S pack has six cells linked in sequence, leading to a nominal voltage of roughly 22.2 volts (25.2v). The upper voltage of the 6S battery can ship extra energy and elevated efficiency in comparison with the 4S battery. However, the upper voltage of the 6S battery drains energy extra rapidly, resulting in shorter flight instances.

Theoretically, a 6S FPV drone with low KV (1600-2000kV) motors can present extra torque and equal high velocity than a excessive kV 4S setup (2600kV and up). My Volador II VD6 drone has 2506 1750KV motors and works excellently with 4S 2000mAh and 6S 1500mAh batteries.

Long-range LIPO test

Discharge fee, aka ‘C’ score, is one other necessary parameter of LIPO packs -the greater the discharge fee, the higher. The discharge score exhibits how rapidly you may safely discharge your battery. The next C score means much less noticeable voltage sag will likely be on full throttle.

CNHL Black Sequence 4S 2000mAh 100C evaluation

Disclosure: I obtained these batteries in a product evaluation collaboration with China Passion Line (CNHL). Though the LIPO packs had been provided without spending a dime, all opinions on this article stay mine, and the sponsor didn’t affect me by any means.

Final month I obtained some CNHL LI-ION 4S 3200mAh packs that proved to have a too-small C-rating to deal with the ability want of a 5-inch quad. I contacted them once more, and so they despatched me three packs of 4S/2000mAh and three of 6S/1500mAh. All arrived safely in a not-too-fancy black field. To guard the batteries, they had been moreover wrapped in a bubble sheet. Each batteries are from the “Black” sequence with a 100C score (200A max steady discharge present for the 4S and 150A for the 6S).

Tested internal resistance

While you put the 4S 2000mAh alongside the 6S 1500mAh, the 6s model is visibly thicker as a result of two further cells. The 4S has 29.6Wh whole energy and 234g, respectively, the 6s 33.3Wh and 266g. The packs really feel well-made outdoors, and the connection terminal appears strong.

I discharged/charged every battery to three.2V 5 instances at 1C to check the max charging capability. Aside from true storage functionality, an important issue is inner resistance (IR), which signifies the well being and efficiency of the LiPo battery. These two CNHL Black 100C batteries have IR between 2-5mΩ/cell, which is absolutely spectacular for such inexpensive batteries. A too-high IR worth means extra warmth and fewer flight as a consequence of vitality waste.

CNHL 4S 2000mAh

CNHL 4S 2000mAh 100C

The CNHL 4S 2000mAh battery measures 47x38x76mm and weighs 234 grams. By comparability, the same capability battery from one other model has an similar measurement however weighs simply 217g. Sadly, this CNHL pack is about 10% heavier than its contender. It shouldn’t be a difficulty if extra weight outcomes from higher-quality supplies and higher enveloping.

Graph of charging process of the CNHL 4S 2000mAh f

After the break-in course of, I charged the 4S 2000mAh battery again to 4.2V. The overall capability was between 1950-1970 mAh, near the labeled one. Subsequent, I put the battery on my iFLight Nazgul5 V3 with a take-off weight of 600 grams (w/o battery). The check flight lasted 8 minutes until I needed to land as a consequence of a low battery warning (3.34vcell).

I’m at the moment about 25+ cycles by way of every of my CNHL 4S 2000mAh 100C Black LiPo batteries, and I’m nonetheless getting wonderful stability costs and never seeing efficiency degradation.

4S 2000mAh Technical specs

Capability 2000mAh
Voltage 14.8V / 4-Cell / 4S1P
Energy 29.6Wh
Discharge fee 100C Continuous / 200C Burst
Cost fee 5C Max
Output connector XT60 (AWG12 cable)
Stability connector JST / XH
Dimension 47X38X76mm
Weight 234 grams

2. CNHL 6S 1500mAh 100C

The China Passion Line 6S 1500mAh battery measures 54x34x75mm and weighs 266 grams. The footprint of the battery is rectangular as a substitute of being extra sq.. It was difficult to put in it on my true-X body no matter whether or not I attempted vertical or horizontal orientation -it was too broad/ tall. Most likely on a CineWhoop-style FPV drone, you’ll not have the identical drawback. Based on CNHL, these LIPOs are appropriate with Danaus QAV250, Vortex, FLIP FPV 250S MINI, Nemesis 240 Mini, Tweaker 180 Micro Quad, LRC Freestyle V1(270-296), FLIP FPV 260H MINI, and different fashions.

CNHL 6S 1500mAh

To my shock, I managed to cost them over the labeled capability. Throughout my assessments, I acquired a 1550-1570mAh max capability.

Charging graph of CNHL 6S 1500mAh battery

By comparability, the same capability battery from one other model has a measurement of 78x36x51m  and weighs 250 grams. It appears like this pack can be heavier than different options.

No doubt, with the 6s, the identical drone was a lot sooner than with the 4s battery. Due to the much less voltage sag below load, the motors have extra constant acceleration, enabling them to quickly and persistently change RPM. On the finish of the check flight, it had a 0.07V most variance between cells.

Utilizing high-KV motors (2300+) with 6S LIPO batteries just isn’t beneficial. Even when it might provide you with insane straight-line velocity, the motors will burn sizzling after a brief flight. 

6S 1500mAh technical specs

Capability 1500mAh
Voltage 22.2V / 6-Cell / 6S1P
Energy 33.3Wh
Discharge fee 100C Continuous / 200C Burst
Cost fee 5C Max
Output connector XT60 (AWG12 cable)
Stability connector JST / XH
Dimension 54X34X75mm
Weight 266 grams
Worth and availability

China Passion Line has Chinese language (International), European, Canadian, UK, and US warehouses for sooner processing orders. Once I revealed my evaluation, the 4S 2000mAh Lengthy-Vary LIPO was priced at $29.99, and the 6S 1500mAh pack at $31.99. Each variants are additionally accessible in packs of 4. Since I obtained these 100C packs, CNHL launched their new “Extremely Black” sequence with a 150C score.



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