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Element “All the time face digicam” Forces Element into Flawed Angle – SketchUp

Hi there group,
I’m importing a measurement reference .png drawing of a pilot I created in Photoshop. It makes no distinction whether or not I import as picture or as texture. Once I select “All the time face digicam”, the part is pressured into an arbitrary angle proper earlier than the ‘all the time face’ impact is utilized. So the part finally ends up all the time dealing with the digicam, certain, however at a bizarre angle. I’ve tried exploding first, not exploding, triple-clicking first, double-clicking, making use of drawing to a rectangle then grouping and making part…no luck. I examined with a easy black dot png drawing and identical factor occurs. What am I doing incorrect?

Attaching .skp so you may see…

SpacePilotCompomnent.skp (2.6 MB)

Not a needed step however anyway… purge your mannequin so that you solely have one positioned occasion in modeling area. Make sure you do have that one positioned or all can be gone from the ‘In Mannequin’ part library

  • In your part library change that part to not face the digicam
  • In modeling area change the part’s axes so purple is alongside the bottom and inexperienced is working perpendicular from the again of the feel. Blue can be pointing up.
    (now you’ve its axes incorrectly)
  • turm to ‘Parallel’ projection and Entrance view
  • now in your ‘In Mannequin’ part library change the part’s property again to ‘All the time Face Digicam’

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You’re superior! That labored. So now I see it was an axes concern.
I needed to do some enjoying along with your directions a bit as a result of I used to be attempting to make a part with out having to blow up it (since exploding the picture would create an undesirable rectangular border), nevertheless it wouldn’t let me have each issues. Nonetheless, I seen you can also make the person frames of the rectangle invisible by deciding on every phase of the field and hitting the attention icon for every phase within the entity field, so all good. Thanks once more!

It looks like you might be working too onerous for this. Simply open the part, choose the contents and rotate it into place. Then use shift with the eraser device to cover the perimeters.
No have to explode something and even change axes.



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