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HTML Factor: hr



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Browser Help

The hr ingredient is supported in all fashionable browsers. Learn extra on


A hr ingredient helps International Attributes in HTML. International Attributes are widespread to all HTML parts and can be utilized on all of them (although they could not have a lot of an impact on a few of them).

Further Attributes:

  • align: Units the alignment of the rule on the web page. If no worth is specified, the default worth
  • colour: Units the colour of the rule via colour identify or hexadecimal worth.
  • noshade: Units the rule to haven’t any shading.
  • dimension: Units the peak, in pixels, of the rule.
  • width: Units the size of the rule on the web page via a pixel or share worth.

Content material

The hr ingredient has no content material mannequin (i.e. It doesn’t settle for content material).

What’s the Distinction Between <hr /> and <hr>?

HTML hr is a void ingredient, which implies it will probably’t have any content material beneath any circumstances. Void parts have a gap tag, however no closing tag. They’ll optionally have a ahead slash / however because of the HTML5 spec the selection to incorporate one is fully yours!

Different void parts embody:



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