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Importing Revit – SketchUp – SketchUp Group

I perceive that a 3D mannequin inbuilt Revit when imported into Sketchup Professional can have the degrees learn as Part Cuts in SU.
As is the case am unable to carry out Part Cuts within the regular SU method by using the Part Lower software to create a flooring plan as this can create 2 or extra sections in separate teams . All I want is one part reduce.
Is there a means round this?

Why can’t you create a bit reduce within the “regular SU method”? Perhaps sorting that will be a spot to begin.

What model of SketchUp are you truly utilizing?

The Revit mannequin is imported as a element.
The part cuts (ranges plus 1,4 mtr) are inside this wrapper.
You’ll be able to see them with [menu] View > Part planes and when you enter the element (choose the Revit element and hit ‘Enter’ or double click on) you’ll be able to proper click on on a bit and select ‘Energetic reduce’.
Making applicable scenes will keep in mind that state.



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