Created by Aaron Sorenson for HouseSpecial, “Jailbreak” is one other spooky cease movement delight. The story is humorous and charming, but it surely’s the craftsmanship concerned on this piece that’s the actual star of the present. Picasso impressed puppets roam a darkish and desolate German expressionist cityscape, all in black and white. Dropped at life by the stunning animation of Suzanne Twining, and crammed with stunning angles and complex particulars, each inch of the display has one thing to supply.

There’s something about darkish storytelling that lends itself so nicely to cease movement, and “Jailbreak” is an ideal instance of why. It’s each dramatic and humorous, scary and candy. It’s so satisfying to see a disturbing thought reworked into one thing endearing. Torture, imprisonment, ache and struggling all develop into way more palatable after we shrink them down and make toys of them. While you mix sinister storytelling with miniatures and puppets you get a fascinating juxtaposition, and I’ll be damned if that isn’t the cutest lil’ dominatrix I’ve ever seen.

Behind the scenes with a motion-control move:

Weblog by Natalie James