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Kdenlive 22.12.1 launched – Kdenlive

The primary upkeep launch of the 22.12 collection is out with assist for Akaso proxy recordsdata and a small enchancment to audio pause/play. Some highlights embody fixes to timeline preview rendering, copy/paste/transfer of keyframes within the rotoscoping impact, shifting of clips on low zoom ranges and keep away from overlay points with subtitles backgrounds with alpha.

Full log

  • New digicam proxy for Akaso. Commit.
  • Repair changing picture clip discards its period. Commit. Fixes bug #463382
  • Subtitles: when utilizing a background with alpha, draw one rect round all strains to keep away from overlay points. Commit.
  • Repair a number of points with copy/paste/transfer rotoscoping keyframes. Commit.
  • Don’t construct designer plugins by default – solely helpful for builders. Commit.
  • Repair colour steadiness filter not disabled when selecting a brand new colour. Commit.
  • Repair potential freeze on aborting edit-friendly transcoding request. Commit.
  • Repair take away area on tracks with a mixture. Commit.
  • Repair enhancing a number of markers units all feedback to remark of first. Commit.
  • Repair designer plugin crash. Commit.
  • Repair guides transfer in spacer/trimming operations and checks. Commit.
  • Small enchancment to audio on pause/play. Commit.
  • Repair typo. Commit.
  • Don’t interrupt timeline playback when refreshing the clip monitor or altering preview decision. Commit.
  • Don’t present timeline preview crash message if job was stopped by a timeline operation. Commit.
  • Repair shut button in standing messages not working. Commit.
  • Preview chunks ought to be sorted by integer. Commit.
  • Repair timeline preview incorrectly stopping when shifting a clip outdoors preview zone. Commit.
  • QMetaObject::invokeMethod ought to be used with Qt::DirectConnection when anticipating a return argument. Commit.
  • Disable parallel processing on 32bit programs. Commit.
  • Repair urgent Esc throughout timeline drag corrupts timeline. Commit.
  • Repair guides incorrectly moved when unlocked. Commit.
  • Replace mouse place in timeline toolbar on zoom and scroll timeline. Commit.
  • Repair crash dropping an impact with a scene (rotoscoping, remodel,…) on the undertaking monitor. Commit.
  • Repair zoom generally behaving incorrectly on very low zoom ranges. Commit.
  • Repair zoom on mouse not working as anticipated when zooming after final clip. Commit.
  • Prohibit guides to integer place on paint to keep away from drawing artifacts. Commit.
  • Repair resize zone conflicting with transfer on low zoom ranges. Commit.
  • Repair title clip line break generally pushing textual content outdoors merchandise rect. Commit.
  • Repair rendering when utilizing an MLT properties file with an area in it. Commit. Fixes bug #462650
  • Repair monitor overlay generally incorrectly positioned. Commit.
  • Guarantee on monitor marker colour is up to date even when 2 markers have the identical textual content. Commit.
  • Cleanup monitor zone resize. Commit.



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