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LN-motor motors for FPV drones: FS2812 and FS2306

LM-Motor FS2306 and FS2812

Generally, the product identify of FPV motors is fashioned by a gaggle of two numbers. The primary one refers back to the dimensions of the motor and the second to the velocity of the motor. Brushless motors have two important components: the rotor with everlasting magnets and the stator with copper coils. After studying to decipher the numbers on FPV motors, we are going to analyze two motors from LN-motor intimately.

The primary quantity has 4 digits (DDHH) and represents:

  • “DD” is the stator’s diameter (or width) measured in millimeters.
  • “HH” is the stator’s top in millimeters.

For instance, the LN-motor FS2812 has a stator with 28mm diameter and a stator top of 12mm. Larger motors have bigger magnets which can be able to producing extra thrust.

How to measuring stator diameter
Easy methods to measure stator diameter with a micrometer

The second quantity is “KV” and represents the variety of revolutions per minute (RPM) with no load when a one-volt is utilized to the motor’s terminals. Due to this fact, theoretically, the FS2306 2050 KV motor will run 50% quicker on a 6S battery than on a 4S one. Motors with larger KV are typically extra aggressive and power-hungry, whereas decrease KV choices are extra environment friendly.

LN-motor FS2812 and FS2306 evaluate

Disclosure: I acquired these FPV motors as a part of a product evaluate collaboration with LN-Motor. Though the motors had been supplied totally free, all opinions on this article stay my very own, and the sponsor under no circumstances influenced me.


LN-MOTOR is an revolutionary expertise enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of brushless DC motors. “LN” comes from the Chinese language names of the 2 founders, Lin and Na. The corporate has 4 UAV motor ranges:

FPV Multirotor Fastened Wing Educted fan
FS3115 900KV/1150KV 4214 400KV FA2826 740KV 70mm 12-Blade
FS2806.5 1400KV/1750KV 3115 1050KV FA2820 870KV
FS2306 2050KV 2812 900KV/1150KV FA2814 510KV
FS2207 1800KV FA2216 2400KV
2806.5 1350KV FA2216 2400KV
2307 1950KV/2600KV FA2208 1100KV
2306.5 1800KV/1950KV
2307.5 1950KV
2207 1800KV/1950KV
2004 1800KV/2800KV
1406 4000KV
1303 5500KV

Final month, LN-Motor despatched me their newest FPV motor catalog (out there right here) to decide on those I want for evaluate. I at all times needed to construct a 9-10″ long-range FPV drone, so I opted to check a set of FS2812 / 1150KV motors. As FS2306 motors are generally used for racing drones, and I exploit lots of them, I additionally opted to check a set of 2050 kV. Each motors are packed in the identical sort of plastic container with foam padding. Within the heart of the 4 motors is a bag that features mounting screws and prop nuts. FS2812 is on the market in black, and FS2306 in inexperienced and navy blue.

FS2306 2050KV vs S2812 1150KV

Whereas the smaller FS2306 adopts a unibell (one-piece rotor) design, the larger FS2812’s rotor is manufactured from two components: a hoop with the magnets and a cap with the shaft. Sales space undertake 12N14P building, the place “N” represents the variety of coils and “P” is the variety of magnets.

LN-motor FS2812 1150KV

The LN-motor FS2812 1150KV is appropriate for 8 and 9″ long-range FPV drones. Many consultants say that 900KV would have been a extra acceptable alternative for a nine-inch. The motors weigh about 75 grams, together with the 25cm 18 AWG leads.

LM-Motor FS2812 1150KV

The bottom has a 19x19mm mounting sample with M3 screws. Trying down on the motor, you’ll be able to see that the motor has a hole shaft that saves some further grams. It makes use of 5mm propeller nuts.

FS2812 1150KV Technical parameters

KV 1150
N/P 12N14P
Shaft diameter 5mm
Stator diameter 28mm
Stator top 12mm
Mounting sample ⌀19 M3
Weight 75 grams
Wires 3x250mm 18AWG
Resistance 64.2Ω
Voltage 3-6S
Max Energy 1595W
Max Present 66A
Effectivity (g/W) 1.93-3.87
Max thrust 3230grams

I plan to make use of these motors on an iFlight Chimera9 ECO body with MasterAirScrew 3MR 0945 glass fiber composite propellers. In accordance with the producer specs, utilizing GF8045-3 propellers and 6S LIPO (24.1V) at full throttle, the thrust is round 3000g. For extra take a look at knowledge, test right here.

LN-motors FS2306 2050KV

I acquired inexperienced+crimson FS2006 motors, however navy blue+pink choices are additionally out there. These motors are appropriate for five and 5.5″ propellers. Adopting a light-weight unibell design and a hole shaft, they weigh simply 36 grams, together with the 15cm 20AWG wires. They’ve a 16x16mm M3 mounting sample.

LM-Motor FS2306-2050KV

When deciding on motor KV for five″ racing drones, 1500-2000KV is designed for 6S, whereas 2300-2800KV is acceptable for 4S. The 2050KV is the center manner, appropriate for 4S and 6S batteries.

Mounting screws
Included mounting screws with threadlocker glue

What’s bizarre is that solely three from the 4 motors had been printed with mannequin quantity and KV worth -one motor was unlabelled.

In accordance with the producer’s take a look at outcomes, utilizing GF51466 propellers and 6S LIPO (22V) at full throttle, the thrust is round 1865g. For extra take a look at knowledge, test right here.

FS2306 2050KV Technical parameters

KV 2050
N/P 12N14P
Shaft diameter 5mm
Stator diameter 23mm
Stator top 06mm
Mounting sample ⌀16 M3
Weight 36 grams
Wires 3x150mm 20AWG
Resistance 64Ω
Voltage 3-6S
Max Energy 1030W
Max Present 46.8A
Effectivity (g/W) 1.81-3.18
Max thrust 1868grams

How do you select the best motor measurement on your body?

Earlier than selecting a motor, it’s necessary to have not less than a tough concept of the dimensions and necessities of the FPV drone you intend on constructing. Matching your body wheelbase with the propeller measurement is obligatory. For instance, you’ll be able to’t bodily set up a 5″ prop on a 100mm measurement body.

Wheelbase Propeller measurement Motor KV
65-150mm 3″ and smaller 1003 – 1306 3000-10000KV
150-180mm 4″ 1806, 2204 2600KV – 3000KV
180-220mm 5″ 2205-2208
220-250mm 6″ 2206-2208, 2306 2000KV-2300KV
250-280mm 7″ 2506-2508 1200KV-1600KV
280-420mm 8 and 9″ 26XX
1200KV and decrease
420mm+ 10″ and bigger 32xx and greater 1200KV and decrease

You’ll want the estimated complete take-off weight (together with battery and digicam) to calculate the minimal thrust required on your motors. Usually, a 2:1 thrust-to-weight ratio could be sufficient, however for racing and freestyling FPV drones, you will have not less than a ten:1 ratio.

For instance, if in case you have a 500g racing quad, the full thrust generated by all motors needs to be not less than 5kg. That’s greater than 1 kg thrust produced by every motor.

To drive a brushless motor, you’ll want an ESC (digital velocity controller). Generally used ESCs on FPV drones have rankings from 10 to 100A, and it’s good to match them with the motor’s energy wants. Should you drive FS2812 motors with 214-1300W energy with 20A amper ESC, this may final solely a second -when you push the throttle larger, it can smoke and burn out.



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