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Outliner in Structure – Function Requests

I’m engaged on a template proper now and have one want.

see this thread…Outliner for Structure

Im attempting to automate the drawing course of from Sketchup to Structure and the one factor that happens to me is that I would like 45 scenes to cowl all of the choices that I may need to point out on any given challenge. Not vital a lot what I’m drawing or why 45 scenes. Simply know that could be a LOT of scenes.

In taking part in round with this, I’ve found that for a big majority of scenes I’ve to have a piece minimize. The quickest manner to do that is choose the native elevation view of my mannequin after which go to outliner and choose the part minimize that I already positioned. Double click on it and now I’ve my scene set. Rinse and repeat for all 45 scenes.

As I’ve been reminded on quite a few events, when in Structure, I’ve much more management of line weights by tag in order that now I don’t want quite a few stacked viewports to get the road weights I would like. However then I used to be sitting there questioning, Why can’t I management the part cuts as nicely?

It might so nice to have the ability to arrange the fundamental native elevations of any mannequin in Sketchup as scenes after which go straight to Structure and have management of the entire parts as they happen in Sketchup within the Outliner…the Outliner Panel. I might have a viewport activated and choose the tags, set the road weights, set up the part minimize I wish to see, and even flip off one explicit object that’s the manner of one other object I have to see within the view.

Moreover, what would actually bake my noodle can be the power to assign Types to explicit tags in Structure…however that is likely to be including an excessive amount of to the fireplace proper now.


simply bumping this to maintain it reside.

Any ideas from sketchup employees?


To be clear, is your request right here for an outliner in LayOut, or for part minimize controls on SketchUp viewports in LayOut? Or is it to have the SketchUp Outliner inside the SketchUp Viewport inspector in LayOut?


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Outliner Management in Structure.

Since part cuts are within the Outliner, I’d assume that they’d be included in an Outliner panel in Structure.

The way you all get that finished might be not my whole focus. A separate Sketchup Outliner panel in Structure or the Outliner within the Sketchup Viewport Inspector would each work in my thoughts.

Thanks for the clarification.


Here’s a framework to point out varied views, together with sections, from a single scene.

The three photographs proven above are all from a single scene.

  1. I did a piece minimize of the shed.
  2. Utilized a Shade Texture type with “Present Part” checked within the Types/Modeling panel.
  3. Despatched the file to Structure.
  4. A viewport is generated with the shed in a piece view. Viewport A
  5. Copy Viewport. A to Make Viewport B
  6. Highlite (choose) Viewport B.
    7> In Sketchup Fashions Panel, open the Types part.
    8 and choose a method with out “Present Part” checked.
  7. Copy Viewport B to make Viewport C
  8. In Sketchup Fashions Panel, in Std Views Select “TOP”

In my opinion and years {of professional} use, Structure is a really succesful software.
The training curve could be a wrestle at occasions however it’s every part I would like.

The great thing about this discussion board is a spot to glean a tidbit of data that may be a spark to additional understanding.

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45 scenes may very well be plenty of scenes if they aren’t organized.

I typically have round 100 scenes and it was a large number. Then I developed a scheme to call my scenes. The scheme breaks the scene title into a number of sections. Every part has a selected group of acronyms the are meaningiful in my work. Develop an order to put the Acronyms and your work is orderly, consistant and comprehensible

Sort of Scene (view)
SEC – Part
PLN – Plan
ELV – Elevation
PER – Perspective
ISO – Isometric

View Path
Frt – Entrance
Rgt – Proper
Lft – Left
Rrr – Rear
Prime – Prime
Bot – Backside
I prefix the Scene title with the world of the constructing
CA – Cashier
CS – Espresso store
AL – Alcoholic beverage
CA ELV Rrr Part A
CS PLN Set up

Adam…so Im curious…wink, wink, nod, nod…any risk of one thing like this moving into the beta program?

I’ve one thing related, however the purpose Im asking for that outliner in Structure is to fully get rid of the necessity for this degree of group in Sketchup if Im somebody who makes use of Structure to provide drawings.

To be clear ( as a result of I’m somewhat confused )…

I get the concept for an outliner as described by JQL in his submit Outliner in Structure – the one which Keith refers to in his opening submit right here.

And I get the concept for the power to regulate part cuts from inside Structure.

However no one is speaking about bringing the precise SketchUp outliner into Structure…?

Paul…I feel that’s the clarification that Adam was asking for.

I would like the Sketchup Outliner in Structure.

It’s not nearly Part Lower management. I additionally need to have the ability to management particular person parts or teams not simply tags. Outliner offers us that management in Sketchup. Can be good if we had the identical panel in Structure in some way.



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