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Pressing assist _ Exporting to DWG – SketchUp

Hello, I’m having bother exporting to 2D graphic dwg from sketchup. The file is 23MB and is fairly line heavy however my hiding every little thing i don’t want for each specific view and even attempt to export the identical scene with totally different data on so i can sew it again collectively in CAD. It’s solely exporting 10% of the time and it’s exporting perspective views higher than parallel projection. I spent per week making this mannequin, the final two days making an attempt to export all of the views i would like for plans, sections and so on and solely have two days left to get all my drawings completed for my thesis submission. I’m in determined want of assist as a result of the one possibility I can see now’s re beginning the drawings from scratch on CAD and dropping the total weeks work.

Is there a motive that you’re making an attempt to export a def from SketchUp? That is the explanation that LayOut exists. I’d suggest making an attempt to make a web page I. layOut and export that. Even with an enormous file, LayOut exports a lot faster (and higher) than SketchUp

  • in case you dont want 100% accuracy, however are content material with 99,99 accuracy, so illustrative work and never correct CAD, you may export from Structure. It’s useless correct from Sketchup. Structure sadly supplies nothing of worth to the dwg export aside for some colours.

  • You possibly can have every Tag proven in a separate stacked viewport, and from that get kind of a layer construction to your dwg export. That you just dont get out of Sketchup.

  • The damaged line factor is there anyway, all Tag construction and all elements are gone, however in case you export with “Shade by Tag” you get one thing that to the untrained eye at the least seems like a CAD file. Linetypes are exported, so that gives a way of sorting geometry as soon as inside CAD. You possibly can in idea export 12 separate layers out of your sketchup mannequin, as a result of that’s what number of linetypes you may set in your geometry. Colours: you may have as many as you need. You possibly can then choose in CAD based mostly on the these classes, and put that choice onto a correct CAD layer.

  • For those who go down the route of stacked viewports in Structure, ensure to have a reference level seen in each viewport, as a result of stacked viewports present up beside one another within the CAD file, and that you must manually transfer all of them in high of one another. For those who export from skethup, you want that reference level proven as geometry as nicely as a result of sketchup will place the export with a random origo, and that you must regulate that in CAD after export.

Mainly the cleanup is simply as simple/exhausting straight out of sketchup. Simply pray that the file dont want adjustments to it, so that you solely have to do it as soon as.

I’ve began serious about perhaps exporting 3D dwg as an alternative, and arrange part planes for 2D dwg exports in a CAD software program that understood workflow and had export/import prioritized. But when I did that I’d as nicely draw the entire thing in that different program :slight_smile:

TIDY_ Timber Body 22_04.skp (13.2 MB)
The Full file was too giant however that is the higher flooring

My sketchup information received’t open in structure for no matter motive. However i’ve tried exporting as 3D dwg and it’s fairly terrible. I’ve additionally remade the complete mannequin in hope it might be neater or no matter however no pleasure.

Okay these are in all probability dwg´s that may go to a development engineer. They need accuracy, so overlook about exporting from Structure altogether, and export from sketchup as an alternative.

Additionally, make a geometrical simply recognisable level in your origo, like this so you’ve got some outlined place to maneuver to dwg origo:
Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 18.43.04



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