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Sketch up Format to Sketchup 3D – SketchUp

Hey, getting began on the Sketchup with the previous months, seeking to know tips on how to carry a format file into 3d modelling or is that doable?

So that you made a 2D drawing in LAyOut and now you wish to carry it into SketchUp? Export a .dxf file from LayOut and import it into SketchUp. From there you possibly can work with it to make it 3D. Typically it’s extra environment friendly in the event you begin in SketchUp and ship the mannequin to LayOut to create the 2D views of your venture.

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Hey DaveR, thanks, I’ll attempt that.

Positively higher to start in Sketchup. thanks once more.

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Hey DaveR, You’re a God ship, It labored. thanks, thanks, thanks.

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On the export dialog after clicking save, word the choice for Export For Sketchup.


Really this messes up the dimensions of SketchUp viewports and scaled drawings because it exports the web page to AutoCad mannequin house at full scale.

Isn’t that type of the purpose, so every little thing is full dimension when utilized in Sketchup?

That’s the way it must be, however isn’t. In the event you put a plan at 1:50 on an A3 sheet and export with the choice, you get an A3 sheet at 1:1 scale. I’ve for years tried telling the group that the export wants a scaling choice. After all it received’t work you probably have a number of scales on a single sheet.

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Okay, I’ve by no means used it.

I simply tried it out and it appears to be an totally ineffective choice.



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