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Teaser: Um choque de dimensãoe

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Pedro Lopes do Rosario writes:

Hello, i am Pedro Lopes do Rosario, i am a 3D generalist and i am making a sport.

since final 12 months i am working in a narrative teaser for my sport “Um choque de dimensão”//”A shock of dimension”.

I attempted to make a brief film about the principle lore, with out dialogs and simply two characters, the villain and our hero:

“After an experiment accident, a dimensinal anomaly occurs and Lírio is dropped at this facet, now he have to deliver again all of the power cristals, open a portal and return to his world.”

the sport shall be have three acts, each with three zones, and one boss for on the finish of every, a complete of 12 ranges.

will probably be a easy flight sport, primarily based in nights into goals(Sega saturn), spyro ripto’s rage(ps1) and propcycle(Arcade).

i’ll speak extra in my web page who i am mounting in itch io, verify this out:

thanks for watching!



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