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Unlocking Superb Instruments in Blender

TUT084 Scene Viewlayer BN

Genode writes:

I like Blender…

Yeah, I say that on a regular basis. It isn’t a hidden factor, is it? nicely, Blender has a number of issues hidden underneath the hood. Addons that must be simply on on a regular basis, like Loop Instruments, proper? Proper!

However hidden in plain sight are two massively helpful instruments that lots of people usually are not even conscious of present. Proper above the Outliner are two little bars. One saying “ViewLayer” and one saying “Scene”.

Keep in mind, this isn’t Maya, so the phrase scene will not be a reference to the whereas workspace. Scene refers to the truth that you may have A number of scenes in your Blender file. That’ proper…a number of!

And Viewlayer? Sure, you guessed it. You’ll be able to have a number of viewlayers in every scene. Consider it as a pre-AOV answer.

So, sufficient of this, check out the tutorial and see how this stuff are greater than helpful, they’re crucial!



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