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A Fast Pool Siphon – A Blantantly Non-VFX put up – AGRAPHA Productions

nuHose 2

A Low-cost and Easy Methodology to Siphon Your Pool.

To my regular readers – that is probably the most non-VFX put up I’ve ever made.  However like many of the world, I work at home much more, so little points creep in now and again and take over your time.  I additionally am a VFX pipeline software creator, so let’s humorously take into account this a fluid dynamics answer.  My job is to unravel issues, so let’s resolve this one.

Apart from, there are not any good tutorials on this. Till now.

The Drawback

The difficulty at hand was draining rain water from my pool with out a mechanical pump – and no decrease drain. There are a LOT of suggestions on-line, and even a easy handheld pool pump to start out a siphon of the water, however the pump is a LOT of labor, and the usual technique of attaching two hoses underwater, beginning the home water, after which detaching it from the hose is a ache – and in case you are draining very chilly water it may be uncomfortable. Positive you’ll be able to pinch the tip of the hose, run to the pool, and throw it in after you shut the water off, however that’s an train in hope.

Need to do it simple? No muss?  No fuss?  Learn on!


A Easy answer.

A Y-split hose bibb whith a quarter-turn ball valve, and three hoses are all you want.




SOURCE HOSE. The primary hose comes from the standpipe (more often than not on a constructing), and attaches to the principle coupling of the hose bibb. It’s the supply of the water.





nuHose 5EXIT HOSE. The second hose can be stretched all the way down to an elevation decrease than the water you wish to drain — this can be a gravity siphon, in any case, so the decrease exit will all the time win as a result of weight of the water.

FEED HOSE. The third hose feeds from the hose bibb to the water you wish to take away.






nuHose 31. As soon as the hoses are connected, flip the ball valve to the Feed Hose to the off place, then begin the water on the standpipe for the Supply Hose.


Water will move out, and down the hill to the Exit Hose.  Wait till you see or hear water popping out that finish, then activate the valve to the Feed Hose.







nuHose 42. As soon as water is working out of the Feed Hose, shut off the water on the Supply Hose.









3. The move of water will then transfer within the route of the Exit Hose, and the submerged head of the Feed Hose will extract new water from the pool.

You need to hear the water working by way of the Y-split hose bibb.





Easy.  No mess. No moist arms.

Have enjoyable, and get again to VFX work!




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