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Geometry Node Eyelids for Stylized Cartoon Eyes in Blender


DadsCastle writes:

Create stylized rig-ready cartoon eyelids managed by very straightforward and easy geometry nodes. This eliminates twiddling with lattices and form keys.

When changing my cartoon characters into 3d, there gave the impression to be no straightforward technique to create flat oval formed eyelids. I attempted utilizing lattices, snapping drawn grease pencil lids, and form keys. None have been very repeatable and required a number of tweaking to work. Then geometry nodes got here to the rescue! By orienting a sphere for longitudinal eyelids, we will transfer the floor geometry with “Vector Rotate” nodes for a repeatable excellent match with little or no tweaking. The lids may be simply animated utilizing drivers with no matter rig you select. Word: won’t seemingly work with eyes which have a cornea bump; it must be clean. Get pleasure from and have an excellent day!



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