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How Create Correct Footing Structure Plan? – Nook Bar

Of us, I’m going to construct and ship this good package for one among my azumaya designs, all the primary structural half anyway, besides this one additionally has a surrounding awning sort roof all 4 sides of the constructing, which provides much more posts for the footing structure! The Posts all sit on raised concrete columns (1e.png) and we’d like them positioned precisely.

I can create my regular plans for the footing structure, with a standard sq. or rectangular constructing it’s fairly simple and simple to observe, however with the extra offset Posts it’s getting complicated!

as you see in 1d Structure.png, I can find the precise facilities of the put up / footings. I’d like to offer his concrete contractor some kind of correct file, so what’s one of the best ways to do that? Is there some kind of level cloud a surveyor can use?

From a builder’s perspective, right here’s what I’d take to the job with me along with what you’ve proven.

So may a surveyor use a dxf or dwg, or another file sort I can export from SUp?

I don’t see why not. Couldn’t additionally they simply use a printed plan from jpg or png?
Many of the surveyors I’ve identified are fairly intelligent people.
Once more, my reply was primarily based on what I’d use as a builder, I don’t know precisely what a surveyor would possibly desire.



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