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How would y’all do that?

(Copy/pasted from the RTVFX Discord)

Okey DOkey amigos. I feel I’ve been staring for too lengthy. My purpose is to get as shut as attainable to Zenitsu’s First respiratory kind from Demon Slayer. Proper now I havent nailed the look BUT, I’d prefer to know what I can add/change earlier than I begin transferring on to refining the look to nearer match the anime. And talking of mentioned look, I’m truthfully unsure how I’ll even get shut, however once more. An attention-grabbing problem for certain lol.
Off prime of some issues I feel I can add.
A decal on the bottom for like…a path of destruction.
a decal for the lift-off level, (the beginning of the trail).
A shockwave could be cool I feel…

And after that. Whereas I havent reached the purpose but, I’d prefer to know in case you guys have any ideas on find out how to obtain the laborious/graphic look of the consequences.

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Noticed you bought some good assistance on the discord, which is especially taking a look at how they did it within the sport, although the factors you acknowledged are a reasonably good place to begin, although considering that you simply don’t need to a lot visible litter to remove from the general impact.
suppose it’s greatest to interrupt down the impact into a number of components that you simply want for the impact and consider the chances to attain that impact (billboard, mesh, shader magic?)

simply needed to provide you a tip on the “laborious graphic look”. one instrument that helps loads with that exact look is having a SmoothStep perform in your shader. then you’ll be able to play with the min and max worth to get the popular aesthetic; comfortable, laborious or wherever in between. :slightly_smiling_face:

curious what it can appear like! :heart:



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