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Making a Planting Plan Simply in Format – LayOut

I’m a panorama designer/architect. Presently I do my planting plans in SketchUp Format and my methodology is tedious and never time efficient. Does anybody have an incredible course of or strategies for a superb workflow? Thanks.

That’s not a lot for us to go on – maybe you would elaborate in your workflow and why you suppose it’s tedious and never time efficient…?

Agreed w/ @paul.mcalenan . Please share a bit extra about your course of so we will higher assist determine particular options for you.
I’ll begin by asking some questions:

  1. Do you utilize CAD in any respect or solely SU and LayOut?
  2. Do you present your planting designs in 3D w/ SketchUp or solely in 2D?
  3. What sort of LayOut packages/tasks are you engaged on? ie residential development paperwork? and so forth…
  4. Do you’ve any undertaking examples that you could share along with describing your course of?

That was slightly obscure :joy: Sorry – . I presently solely use SketchUp. I do create 3D fashions however they’re separate of my plan that I exploit for the dimensioning and planting plan. Right here’s an instance of a plan. I convey the photographs of the vegetation in individually and label, I’ve the desk of plant information. It is vitally time consuming. I need the shopper to have all the data however must automate it. Even labeling the vegetation. I’m the antithesis of organized and environment friendly​:pleasure:

Pattern Planting Plan.pdf (1.3 MB)

A Sketchup or Format file may very well be extra helpful than a PDF, for those who can share one.

Into LayOut you imply? Do you utilize Scrapbooks? Once you say pictures, are you referring to the plant symbols themselves? They appear like CAD blocks to me. What format are they in (ie PNG, EPS, DWG, and so forth)? Are you able to present at the very least some screenshots of your SketchUp mannequin and LayOut file?

Right here’s a hyperlink to the precise SketchUp File. Thanks to your assist!

The desk could be ready in Excel if thats simpler for you – then it may be “referenced” into LayOut – you’ll nonetheless probably must do a little bit of formatting correction in Format although.
With a little bit of effort round reporting and doubtlessly some Extensions, you would even get a few of your SketchUp surfaces to robotically populate the Excel desk with their Floor Areas (that will be worthwhile for those who do loads of tables displaying floor areas/plant density calcs. )

Many individuals will really use the SketchUp 3d mannequin to generae the planting plan. Every plant (ior fence, or something) can have a second (image or hatch) and a 3d model, and the 3d model is just turned off when exporting the Plan View (scene) into LO. If utilizing Tags then you need to use LO to arrange differnt edge colors and thicknesses as effectively.
This workflow signifies that you solely want to arrange one design; a second/3d hybrid, relatively than altering one design then updating the opposite to match. It’s good to have the ability to design the undertaking absolutely in 3d, and easily use 2D to arrange the plan outputs.

Personally I’d put together the plan itself in SketcHup not Format however a easy plan like your instance may very well be executed in LO utilizing scrapbooks. Dimension lables , and so forth, may also be saved a sa Scrapbook merchandise – so you’d need to create a personalized scrapbook. You must also save all of your Hatch patterns inside your LO template so you’ll be able to eyedrop them simply.

I dont know of any straightforward repair to do labelling of properties…I want there was one. LO’s labelling will choose the Entity Identify which may very well be useful for those who do the plan in SketchUp after which title every plant as a part with its shortened title.

second and 3d model sof the identical mannequin:


Thanks for all of this info. I’m going to take a while and try to set issues up this fashion.


Hello Tanya, did you ever discover a means to do that? I’m a panorama designer too and making an attempt to determine if Format is able to the planting plans I need to make, or if I’m higher concentrating on Vectorworks?



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