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The way to create a turntable in Maya

The way to create a turntable in Maya for a 3D character for presentation functions. easy steps you possibly can comply with by means of.

Since this text is extra from a technical perspective, for the way you mainly create a turntable in Maya, I received’t go into a lot element concerning the renderer and the lighting I’ve used for exporting my turntable.

To get a greater understanding of what a turntable is, you possibly can check out the next video.

The best way we did, it was really fairly easy. We made two separate renders. One solely with the grasp layer and one solely with the wireframe. We put them collectively in After Impact, and that was it, just about. This was a mixture of grasp and wireframe render passes.

What’s a turntable:

A turntable is a brief video. Principally used for characters and props, so your viewer has a a lot better understanding of your 3D mannequin, in distinction with a single static picture in lots of instances.

You may export many sorts of turntables to your 3D mannequin. It doesn’t solely must be a remaining render of your mannequin. You might additionally, export a wireframe, a selected render go (similar to an ambient occlusion), or you possibly can combine issues up a bit of bit (remaining render with a wireframe, as an illustration).

Bear in mind a turntable is a visible presentation of your mannequin with the aim of your viewer-client to see your mannequin from all of the doable angles, to be able to higher perceive it.

Create a turntable in Maya:

We will probably be engaged on the next scene:

create a turntable in Maya, file working
create a turntable in Maya, file working

In case you are within the above 3D mannequin and need to test it out, you are able to do it at Turbosquid and Cgtrader for the rigged model and Turbosquid and Cgtrader for non rigged model accordingly.

As you possibly can see, in my scene, apart from the mannequin I’ve different stuff like lights and a digicam. This specific 3D mannequin is already rigged, that’s why you see all these curve shapes within the viewport of Maya. It doesn’t actually matter in case your mannequin is rigged or not, simply ensure that it’s ready, in all probability in a T-pose, so your mannequin could possibly be correctly seen to your viewer.

When you haven’t already a digicam and lights in your scene, simply create them. The lights you’ll create depend upon the renderer you’ll use. For this text, I’ve used the V-ray renderer, so all three of my lights had been V-ray sphere lights.

Create the animation of the turntable:

As a substitute of making a nurb circle and attaching our digicam to it, we are going to create our turntable in a a lot easier manner.

For a rigged mannequin, like I’ve in my scene if in case you have a world controller to your complete character, you need to simply animate that controller, see the picture under:

create a turntable in Maya, global controller
create a turntable in Maya, international controller

For not rigged fashions, simply animate the dad or mum group, which accommodates all your geometry.

I’ll cowl the primary technique since my rigged character mannequin does have a world controller.

The method is the next:

  • choose your international controller
  • open up the channel field
  • go to border 1 and set a key (with zero worth) to rotate Y parament
  • go to border 72 and set one other key with Rotate Y (-360 worth)
  • open up Graph Editor and choose the Rotate Y curve, right-click – tangents – Linear
  • set your timeline in Maya minus one body, so set it to be from 1 to 71
graph editor in maya, linear tangent
graph editor in maya, linear tangent

Notice: We select a destructive worth for the rotation parament since we would like the turntable animation to be clockwise.

Notice: We set the tangents for our Rotate Y parament to be linear as a result of we didn’t need our timeline to have some straightforward in and simple out.

Notice: The discount of the timeline by one body was as a result of, if we haven’t achieved that, the beginning body and the final body can be the identical. And if now we have rendered it our and performed our turntable we’d be observed some delay, between the final body and the primary one, once more as a result of they had been the identical.

Within the following publish, we’re going to see, how we are able to export a turntable from Maya as a sequence of pictures



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